Can a psychiatrist treat erectile dysfunction?

A psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist may be helpful in treating erectile dysfunction. If your erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological problems, such as depression or anxiety, these professionals can provide you with treatment. Erectile dysfunction can also cause stress or relationship problems. A mental health professional can help you cope with these effects of ED.

A psychotherapist or psychiatrist may recommend talk therapy, medications, or a combination of these. Whether it's physical, mental, or both, knowing the problems underlying your ED can allow a specialist to treat the specific cause and symptoms. This can ultimately end your symptoms of erectile dysfunction and allow you to continue living a healthy life, both sexually and personally. The good news is that most men will feel normal again, regain healthy sexual interest, and resolve their erectile dysfunction problem with the right treatment for depression.

For some men, it's an occasional annoyance that can get in the way of sex from time to time. For others, erectile dysfunction can be a serious long-term problem that has a serious impact on a person's ability to enjoy sex. The clinical challenge is to bring this new therapeutic potential to a large segment of the affected population. A conservative estimate of the percentage of men with significant erectile dysfunction at age 65 is 35%.

This seems to be a huge potential market for pharmaceutical, apparatus and urology groups, but the percentage of impotent men seeking help for their dysfunction is much more modest. To begin to understand why only a small percentage of impotent men use effective and well-publicized treatments, it is necessary to understand the psychology of sexual expression. A fundamental key to this understanding is the concept of sexual desire, which when understood helps identify patients who can benefit from these advances. Magnesium may help treat erectile dysfunction, but research on this topic is limited and inconclusive.

They not only treat sexual dysfunction, but they also treat diseases of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, urethra, and pelvic muscles, such as cancer, kidney stones, incontinence, and infections. Your primary care doctor, urologist, or endocrinologist is able to diagnose and treat erectile dysfunction. The most affordable FDA-approved drug that treats erectile dysfunction at a quarter of the cost. The best way to treat psychological erectile dysfunction is to address the root of the problem, whether it's mental illness or simply feelings of guilt about sex.

Some medications used to treat psychological problems, such as antidepressants, may also play a role in the development of erectile dysfunction.